Monday, April 26, 2010

Separated: The real story of a yearbook staffer and her will to survive without Rowan

As mentioned earlier, Rowan Holzberg and Kristine Lesperance made up the dream team. Best yearbook partners ever? I think so. You got a glimpse of the pain and horror experienced when they were split up, but I will put you through the full, intense, and horrifying emotional detail right now. This is the true story of a partnership broken.
It was the second nine weeks. Rowan and Kristine had made it through the whole first semester! They had turned in beautiful articles and stunning pictures (most of the time), and impressed even themselves when they made it out of the grading period unscathed. Holzberg and Lesperance were geared up for another period of awesomeness. But as they would soon learn, such a fate was not reachable.
"We're making some changes this time around," said Ms. A as the yearbook staff entered the classroom. "We need to switch up the partners." Rowan and Kristine looked at each other, praying this was not applicable to them. But their prayers were quite harshly and quite bluntly rejected when Ms. A revealed what was to come: The partnership was separated. Disentangled. Ruptured. Undone. Severed. BROKEN. As you can imagine, it was an extremely sad event. It was one of the most horrifyingly memorable moments in Kristine's yearbook life.
But do not start slitting your wrists yet. Although the bump in the road was ridiculously terrible and unseen, it would soon be appeased by new partnerships. Rowan was paired up with Ale, who's pretty cool :) And Kristine got a FABULOUS new partner, Maria Prokopetz!
To learn the complete story of these new pairings, read the next chapter of Separated. TO BE CONTINUED...

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  1. I like the confidence in thinking that you and Rowan are the best partners ever. Sorry to burst your bubble but Lindsay and I were THE Dream Team! :P