Thursday, April 29, 2010

All I Do Is Win Win Win

There really weren't that many rewards in yearbook this year. This is probably due to our inefficiency, laziness, and cliques, as we have all been informed time and time again. So there were no parties, no treats, no pats on the back. Just work. Straight up, work. But I do fondly remember one fun, relaxing, relieving, and rewarding reward: a little photo and caption contest for us staffers.

Ms. A is always coming up with cute little activities for us to perform to keep us busy in a productive way. Like our investigative work on the murder of Mr. Kelley. So one day after a deadline and before holiday, we were given a competition. "I want you all to take a picture. Your angle is 'In Between Classes'." said Ms. A. "And then, write a caption for a picture from last year's book. The winners will recieve a prize. Partner up and go." I grabbed Maria, and dragged Rowan along, and we set out into the cut throat world of competitive staffers.

My team and I started brainstorming as we entered the hallways, scouring for ways to make the time in between classes seem visually exciting. We started with snapping pics of kids at their lockers, or kids running down the halls. We even scared the crap out of some frantic child when we took a stealthy photo of him charging through the patio. But none of it was working out. We knew we could not win with the average photos we had gotten. And losing was NOT ACCEPTABLE. So we set out, determined and willing, to get the picture perfect picture.

Maria, Rowan, and I entered the new building. We saw a fabulous little area, the perfect backdrop for a photo. It was a small, concealed corner next to the Vitamin Water vending machine. Entering a random classroom, we used our press pass authority to grab an even more random student (we would later learn he was known as Esteiner Pineiro). We ushered Pineiro to the photo set, when I felt a rush of motivation and began clicking the Nikon in a enthusiastic frenzy. I even gt down on my knees! :O It was a quite successful session, and we raced back to the Journalism room to turn in our results.

As we apprehensively awaited the results of the photo contest, we got to work on the caption contest. The picture we were told to write a caption for was of a dancer at a pep rally. We sat down, and in 5 minutes created a wicked couple of sentences. Then, the time came. Ms. A, Yaya, and Olivia had reviewed the entries and were ready to announce the winners...

"Kristine, Maria, and Rowan won BOTH the photo and caption contest", exclaimed Ms. A. YAY! We were quite excited, but not exactly surprised. Our photo and caption were displayed as a bastion of yearbook excellence. So, now it is evident that we are amazing staffers :)

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