Monday, April 12, 2010

Lil Row Ho

So, as my earlier post explained, I now had many yearbook friends. One of the best was Rowan Holzberg, A.K.A Lil Row Ho. We had known each other mildly during freshman year, but we really bonded through yearbook. As you were previously informed, Rowan was one of the only people I knew. It was only logical that we would become partners. When it came time to decide, we looked at each other, semi-awkwardly, and I knew our yearbook partnership began (no homo). So we were sent out on endless assignments, writing articles, taking pictures, creating captions, and most importantly, becoming friends.
Since then, Rowan and I have shared many laughs, many stories, many secrets. This cute little jew is one of the funniest people ever. We always cracked up with each other, whether it was making fun of interviewees or dying over internet cheers. We made a kickass team, always impressing Ms. A (even though she acted like she wasn't). But soon enough, she realized that Rowan and I possesed too much awesomeness for one team. So she SPLIT US UP! :'( It was terrible.
But don't worry, we're still super duper close! <3333

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