Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Beginnings :)

Okay so as you were previously (and quite dramatically) informed, I now had a new partner. Her name was Maria Prokopetz. I had known Maria from my middle school, as we were in advanced drama together (we are both fabulous actors, of course). She was also in my Journalism class the year before, where we often shared words in between naps. I was really very excited to work with her.
After the partnership was made, Maria and I made a fantastic team. We went out and we got our shit done. And our shit was good. Our shit got A's almost every time. Prokoptez was, in actuality, a legit partner. We wrote our articles in collaboration, molding the two sets of our ideas and styles into one. I could always count on her to fill our articles with life. Plus, she always had some bigs words to help spice things up a bit.
Not only was our work good, our friendship was too. Maria and I always had fun on our adventures. Whether it was tracking down a seemingly nonexistent student, or laughing about the nonsense we encountered on the way, we sincerely enjoyed ourselves. And I loved sharing all the stories about our weekends. I must say, we had a pretty amazing yearbook partnership.
And now I'm sad that she's not coming back next year! :(

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