Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Exactly Picture Perfect

When I found out that, as a yearbook staffer, I would be able to help out with picture day, I was ecstatic. I thought it would be super fun to provide some assistance during a crazy day, and it didn't hurt that I would be able to miss some of school. I signed myself up right away. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.
I began Picture Day after my first and second periods, history and math. When I showed up to the gym, I saw all of the editors and staffers hard at work and I could not wait to be a part of it. I threw my stuff in the corner, and prepared myself for the job I was given: ushering children to the lines and camers and making sure they were ready for their picture. A class finally walked in, ready to take their pictures, and I was filled with vivacity. Until the job ACTUALLY began.
In case you have not noticed, many students here at Killian are not exactly fully mature, and definitely not well behaved. Because of this maturity and behavioral hindrance, my small, simple, and exciting task quickly metamorphisized itself into a nightmare.
Kids came swarming into the gym at all angles, practically screaming at the top of their lungs. Girls were fluffing their hair and doing their make up for what looked like the 14th time that day. Guys preened themselves, trying not to look too feminine but secretly worrying all the while. They completely and utterly disregarded our words to "Stay in line", or "Go to camera three please". And you can forget them even considering to listen to "Please take off all IDs and backpacks". From being exposed to such disobedience, immaturity, incosideraetion, and apathy, I began to think that Thomas Hobbes was onto something.
Class after class, the same thing happened. Kids stormed in, screamed, didn't listen, some how managed to take a picture, screamed some more, then left. It went pretty smoothly, I would say. Scarred and exhausted, I began to desire the more boring and controlled classroom atmosphere. I left for a mandatory sixth period, relieved that the day was over, wishing I would not have to relive it.
So, until next year's picture day :)

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  1. Oh c'mon it wasn't that bad. Picture day is one of the best days of the year as a staffer/editor...especially when we play volleyball!! I would rather do picture day any day of the year over going to class. lol