Wednesday, April 7, 2010

newspaper instead of yearbook

Excitement would be the word to describe it. I was so overwhelmingly excited to begin the 2009-2010 school year as an official member of the Catamount Yearbook staff. As a freshman, I had endured J1, sitting through hours of unamusing and tiring classes, all in the hopes of reaching a more appealing and stimulating world. So you can imagine my shock on the very first day of school when I found myself placed in 6th period newspaper instead of 4th period yearbook.
As part of a scheduling mistake, I had been given the class. And even though I made several trips to the counselor's office to get the situation fixed, I was told it would be a long time until things were straightened out.
I had no place in that class. What was I doing there? I could not and did not want to contribute to the Cougar's Roar. I belonged in Yearbook. So, for the duration of my time on the newspaper staff, I was made the official "note taker". Mrs. Duran would go on and on about all the amazingly interesting articles while I stood at the white board writing down notes. As I'm sure you can assume, it was quite hard to enjoy myself. Oh but I did meet some creeper newspaper kids. That was tons of fun.
This dragged on for about 3 weeks. When the bell rang for 6th period, I walked into newspaper, was greeted by my new creepy friends, and then took my place at the whiteboard. But just when my patience was running out, I recieved a beautiful piece of highlighted white paper letting me know I could now assume my rightful place. So off I went! I walked into the yearbook room for the very first time, and yayyyyyyyyyyy I was an OFFICIAL official staffer :)

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